Creative Designers and Bloggers are well known with this quote, which is very inspirational to everyone – including me. But most of the new artist, bloggers and designers took it in a wrong dimension. The reason behind may be they are worried about the targeted success they planned to do and try to get popular nor like others who spend years and learned to achieve them. Now you know which “Design Quote” i am mentioning.

Good Artist Borrow – Great Artist Steal

You might be wondering what is the meaning of adding these quotes with the title mentioned here ?, We are talking about “Plagiarism” which affect many real creative humans around the globe when there content are being “Copy & Paste” and found everywhere. On seeing first you will be very happy that your works are featured everywhere – but when you like to see your name as credit……. nope few of them never mention yours and some claim its there great works.

Today we are Featuring another interesting infographics with our readers. The information found in the infographics is they estimate that by 2014 the level of plagiarism on the internet will exceed 63% and the team came up with nice illustration about internet growth traffic increased by 1250% and who is responsible for that.

Just Imagine, we are featuring great inspirational and photography collection from various owners around the globe with permission. During the earlier days of blogging, I collected an epic mascot collection from 10 mascot artist and one among them sold his works to a reputed company. Being viral inspirational article on internet our article was noticed by them and send us mail that part of works are now copyrighted to the company and remove the content. we removed it after authorized with the artist – because we love others work and respect them as much as we respect ours.

Infographics about Future of Plagiarism and How to Avoid them

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We are so happy readers and advertisers are like our articles we wrote and few came forward to share great content, which they taught will be beneficial for other readers and followers of our blog. Thank you for co-operating with us and support you showed.

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