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Farewell to amazing 2013, where we learned and inspired daily. Apart from blog design inspiration and random photography inspiration learned few lessons from ex-authors. We will be writing about them in our official Tumblr account.

The following infographic we are featured is handpicked by our readers and popular infographic this year 2013. There are so many contribution and please note all the submission are not approved. Thank you God, parents, readers and advertisers for supporting us.

Collections of best 2013 Infographic from the list

The following infographics listed in un-ordered type.

WordPress Most Downloaded Plugin Infographics
Collections of Best Social Networking LinkedIn Infographics
popular infographics 2013
Infographics on 2013 Design Trends by Shutterstock
Shutterstock infographics Infographic on Entrepreneur’s Evolution
Infographic about Entrepreneurs

The World of Typography and it’s Evolution [Infographic]
Infographic about Typography

Best 16 Excuses for Being Late to Work [Funny Infographic]
16 Excuses for Being Late to Work

Infographic in webdesign with Skeuomorphism Style
webdesign with Skeuomorphism Style

Which Office Personality Type You are ? [Funny infographic]
Which Office Personality Type You are

Do you Know About 7 Shocking Internet Trends [Infographic]
12-30-2013 9-54-16 AM

Learn Art of Color Co-ordination in Web Design [Infographic]
12-30-2013 9-54-05 AM

Infographic on Design Vs Food Project Must for Designers

Know Truth about Freelancer in Web Design [Infographic]

25+ Simple Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic + Video]

Finding the Productivity Sweet Spot to become successful [Infographics]
12-30-2013 9-51-26 AM

Major-Infographic-Design-Mistakes-And-How-You-Can-Avoid-Them (1)Infographic Tutorial:
Avoid These Eye-Offending Infographic Design Mistakes

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