Computer world is all about metaphors. Almost anything you see on the screen reminds of some physical objects you may have seen recently. Will it be a ruler in your text editor or a set of tools in Photoshop; all these things have their analogues in the real life. All this metaphorical fuss is aimed at making web interfaces more user-friendly. But we can already mark this trend as done and turn over the skeuomorphic page in order to meet the new upcoming trend of Flat Design ‘cause it’s already waiting outside the door. The flat design is expected to take over the place of skeuomorphism.
In this blog post we’re going to pay tributes to skeuomorphism by sharing an interesting infographics about skeuomorphism with you. If you make some research you’ll notice that besides this one there are no other infographics dedicated to this trend so this is some sort of a pioneer in this sphere. Guys from TemplateMonster are pretty passionate about infographics so they decided to cover this trend in their next creation.

What is Skeuomorphism attribution for infographics trend ?

an element of design or structure that serves little or no purpose in the artifact fashioned from the new material but was essential to the object made from the original material

The infographics offers main tips about skeuomorphism so it comes as no surprise that it has a skeuomorphic design. As you can see on the screenshot below the infographics is designed as a shelf with various things. Each thing presents a piece of information about skeuomorphism, so feel free to click on the icons and learn what skeuomorphism is, why it has been so popular with web designers and so on. Actually, the infographics is divided into a few blocks:

  • Examples of Skeuomorphic UIs;
  • History of Skeuomorphism;
  • Types of Skeuomorphism in Web Design;
  • Pros and Cons of this trend;
  • Examples of Skeuomorphism in the Real Life;
  • Free Skeuomorphic Textures.

Infographics on Webdesign with Skeuomorphism Style

Infographic in webdesign with Skeuomorphism Style
The static version of the infographics about skeuomorphism is featured in this article, and if you want to see an interactive version of the infographics, please click here.

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