Before Christmas, there are few other holidays for western hemisphere people. Major Countries which celebrates Thanksgiving are United States, Canada, Liberia, Puerto Rico, Norfolk Island and these are consider as national holidays.

For the source we came to know these five countries celebrates on different months and days, for eg: 1st Thursday in November (Liberia), 2nd Monday in October (Canada), Last Wednesday in November (Norfolk Island), 4th Thursday in November (USA). For other part of the world readers, these are first celebrated as religious and cultural traditions – but now they celebrate as a secular holiday. The social media and Manufacturing companies used for their profit in the name of Thanksgiving offer, Black Friday and Cyber Monday with huge discounts on every possible products they invented so far.

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times – source “Wikipedia

Thanksgiving Infographics in Detail

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Thanksgiving: The Reason for the Season

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