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Infographics are created using Vector elements to represent data visualization and reach their readers with their point. Some Infographics featured here are evolution infographics, History of infographics and funny infographics [Search them in our blog for more interesting post or articles], But this infographic about web design is real fact how the freelancer are enjoying the work with no fixed schedule, or boss who shout at you for no reason. Limitation to the creativity will be no more if you are your own boss. The most freelancer think their work is great(yes – by majority we accept). There are some dark side, which this article will present you in comic way. Kindly note this one is large and may take some time to load than normal.

We are writing this article or post taking notes from the infographic and many facts are not accurate – if so kindly let us know.

Freelancer’s in Web Design has Dark Side

  • The first point to remember is to organize your own schedule like personal hygiene cares from a dog owner.
  • Waking up in the morning around noon is daunting task and then focusing your job.
  • Some blames on Internet – when they waste time on social media for hours and watching – sharing cat videos, instead of motivational videos before you start your work.
  • After than web design freelancers food diet is bad. – You should check our recent article on “Design Vs Food”
  • “I’m Coffee Freak – that’s sure” check out some mind changing and presentable coffee photography, after reading this post.
  • Like zombies we creative people attract easily to junk foods – difference is we have brains to work, but need snacks ( i am fat now)
  • Your dull boss will be replaced with some clients who are really dull – who likes rainbow text and yellow highlighter to concentrate their main key titles.

[pwal id=”54849936″ description=”Infographic is too Large 620px *19585px, Share it to view it – Thank You”]Infographic about freelancer web designer truth
Via Source[/pwal]

The above infographics takes more time, and if you are interested then you can share it and view this infographic. Our advice to new freelancers, never describe your job to hard workers. now check more truth about the web designers from this infographic.

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