There is difference between working from home or office. Modern workers prefer to work from home, right now we are going to discuss about the true personality of you engaged in your office. Today’s funny infographics about how you and your colleague act in your office and can find what your friends react to it. We already mentioned “best 16 excuses for being late to work“, so if your gone be late to your office – you can try some creative ideas – hope you won’t get caught.

AnimHuT readers submits infographics to us and we feature only the best to our readers. We came to this amazing and funny illustrated infographic, which is true and we agree to this. You can share the person name or tag them when share this content. we sure you might have more than 5/13 personalities in your office.

For a successful business, co workers are asked to work together under one roof as a team to achieve and lead the company. But there are different personalities to which you have to interact with them. Working in office to overcome multiple behaviours comparing to freelancing.

Weird and Funny Office Personalities You Have

Which Office Personality Type You are

If you reading this from an office which doesn’t have any single person like this – you are not working in office and they may be Halloween ghost. And you’re sure to recognize these character types – some funny and some down-right annoying among them.

We had #2 type of personality with two guys who worked here before and even we helped to start new blog(that’s a long story).

The Various Types Of Office Personalities

The Passive Aggressor – identified by those who leave covert notes like, “the coffee maker doesn’t clean itself.”
The Backstabber – Lives for the opportunity to one-up his or her competition with juicy details.
The Kitchen Slob – This person may remind you of your first college dorm mate, or maybe your four year old. Either Way, don’t expect the Kitchen Slob to pickup after themselves.
The Chatterbox – Pretty self-explanatory. In fact, they are overly self-explanatory. These types can be seen leaning into cubicles and engaging occupants in overly elaborate and nonsensical conversation.
The Delegator – It’s always someone else’s desk that sees their workload. After all, good managers need to delegate,right?
The Workaholic – These types would set up a cot under their desks if they could. Sleep is for wimps, and there are never enough hours in the day for these go-getters.
The Noisemaker – Knuckle crackers; constant hummers; show tune-singers – you get the point. These types think that the entire office wants to hear their one-man show.
The Meeting Scheduler – Most CEO’s agree that the majority of meetings are wasted time. Not for the Meeting Scheduler,though! They’ll put a meeting on the calendar at a moment’s notice.
The Gossiper – Oh, you haven’t heard what happened last weekend? The Gossiper will tell you, whether you want to know or not!
The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern – Young, energetic, and full of ideas – The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern is ready to pop up wherever he or she is needed. Until Labor Day, that is.
The Debbie Downer – Reading this information will probably give you eye strain anyway. The Debbie Downer can tell you what is wrong with any situation.
The Email Overloader – Actual human communication is overrated anyway. Click ‘forward’ to anything that might be remotely informational.
The TMI Sharer – These personality types can be just plain uncomfortable to be around. Really, do we need to know everything ?
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The difficult thing to understand and accept to yourself is, which category are you ?. If you like this article or post – kindly share with your friends and get to know about them.

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