Today’s infographic will be an animated version of HTML 5. Infographics are so popular in recent years. There are Video infographics and animographics which are new version and more interactive than before. We featured many useful infographics in our blog, but what made them so successful ?. In this post we are going to know the fact on successful infographics – why they are made and brain craves for infographic than static versions or books.

Secret Behind Successful Infographics [HTML 5 Animated Version]

Secret Behind Successful Infographics

  • The facts is the use of visualized information has increased by 400% (literature) since 1990 and during 2007 9900% on the internet than text edition. And 142% visual media are using in newspapers between 1985-1994.
  • Science proved that 50% almost our brain is involved for visual processing and 70% of all our sensory receptors are found in eyes.
  • They say it humans take 150ms for a symbol to be processed +100 ms to attach a meaning to it.
  • Modern technology with many new inventions made humans suffer from information overload, so infographic can help for new details more than 5 times – which learned in 1986. The reading of books has decreased on average of users 28% words per visit.
  • If we have all the information registered as large paragraph we won’t remember everything. While infographics are more engaging.
  • Researchers found users increase te willingness to read by 80% if the content of the visual is colorful.

Did you Know What Made Infographics So Successful

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