Celebrating Halloween is fun part from Childhood to Teenagers. The All Saints Day are getting ready all over the world with weird gadgets for nerds and fashion costumes like Lady Gaga which are great for Halloween resources. We like to start with some popular Infographics on Halloween and Zombies this year. It’s a Catholic day feast for Christians and now merged with all modern people around the world.

Designers celebrate with scary Halloween photo-manipulations or flyer designs made for special event in night club for Halloween 2012. Where webmasters decorate their blog or Forum with good dark wallpapers of background images and haunted logo for their client or personal blogs. Here is the preview of the Halloween logo for our creative blog:

These Infographics are viewd in fullscreen mode and to do that – click on the image you want to see. we thought to add more infographics, but even these are very huge file size, anyhow we will add in our next post. Let us know which one you like and started to carving your pumpkins.

Halloween resources 2012 Collections

Zombie Venn Diagrams

Movies for Halloween Celebration

Halloween Alter Egos Infographics

Nerd Guide for Halloween

Nerd Costume Guide

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Zombie Survival Guide

24Hrs of Zombie’s Life – Infographics

Day of the Un-Dead Infographics

Popular Halloween Costumes Ever – Infographics

Most Searched For Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes: Pop Culture Favorites

by Lemon.ly. Browse more infographics.

surviving the zombie apocalypse is a science.

Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse

by jessfaulk. Browse more infographics.

How you are going to enjoy the Halloween 2012 with your friends ?. If you have some great idea, kindly share with us. You Should check with our daily Infographics in our blog for some interesting and useful information about a subjects you can find in Wikipedia and then we share with you via nice illustration in the form of infographics.


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