We wish you all a Happy valentines day Special greetings, so we created a adorable wallpaper collection for our beloved readers. These wallpaper collection contains all dimensions of Pc and mac. This time we have added iPhone version and iPad2 wallpaper size also.

If you want to make this bunny as a laptop stickers or T-shirt designs – I wrote a tutorial earlier today and its a adobe illustrator tutorial so you can create in any dimensions without pixel-ted, which usually done in Photoshop.

Note: Wallpaper contain different styles also, below is only one demo, download for many different versions !

iphone5 valentines wallpaper

Preview of iphone4s valentines wallpaper

Wallpaper contains

1. 2500*1400
2. 1920*1200
3. 1680*1050
4. 1440*900
5. 1280*1024
6. 1280*800
8.iphone: 640*960
9.iPad2 : 1024*1024

Download Wallpapers Here (ZIP format)


Hope you like this freebie wallpaper and tutorial we made it very simple in 5 steps for newbies. Kindly share this post which will encourage us to give you more !
Happy Valentines Day to you all !
Thank you

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