AnimHuT Celebrates First Anniversary and Massive Giveaway with you all.
Once again the time has come to celebrate with you all. Time for the occasion of our blog first anniversary. We are overjoyed very much.
We have started this blog on AUGUST 23-08-2009. You know well how we started this blog, after 4 months we made a change and added some new categories.


Since then, this website has grown beyond our expectations. We are both excited and humbled by the response that we have received from our readers and excited about the opportunities that this site has given us. That is why we have decided to celebrate out 1st birthday with a huge series of giveaways!
I’d love to hear some interesting insights that relate to the blog, such your most favourite post has been from the past one year.
Thank you !!

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Readers and Subscribers

Firstly, we like to thank all of you, Loveable readers and Subscribers who have supported this blog throughout by leaving those appreciative and suggestive comments and subscribe to our Rss feed. They are truly with their comments. I like this very much.
WPWebHost : Great WP Hosting Company.
Big and special thanks to WPWebHost – my hosting company who kept confidence on our site and keeping alive 24/7 from its birth to till date and will be supporting us for long run.
Even when our site been hacked once ! The WpWebHost Support team Came to rescue !
Thanks guys.!! And to Honkiat who introduced me to WpWebHost.

BSA and Direct advertisers

My Sincere thanks to all the advertisers, who have supported Our BLOG for the past 9 months and especially, big thanks goes to Todd Garland from for approving and getting great companies to advertise on AnimHuT.

From Recent months we get direct advertisers – thank you all.

Google Analytics and Site Status :

We have Google page rank 4
We have 70K+ page views per month.
Daily visit 2500+ and above
We have a traffic rank of 33,636 on Alexa.
Happy Subscribers 300+

Top pages are :

1. Best wallpaper of 2009
2. Dark Character Design by EvaWiderman and next , my first tutorial on photoshop which got a 10k hits on stumbleupon

Top referring site : StumbleUpon ,Digg, mgid ,direct, Bump,float, Theweblend and twitter

Re design:

Old design of our blog was just added the twitter bird and big font.

In our old theme , There are many errors viewed by many of the users. Which was not rectified even after many attempts. My friends helped. it was spooky. We cannot bring the whole site for maintenance for a single day, the post was made us busy.
The errors are Author box which cannot be seen in firefox, if we remove the code, the whole site collapsed. Now all the errors rectified.

New Design :

In New Design, I changed the whole Header, Background and Sidebar and other small buttons. Rectified the all error we can find it, now the site is more user friendly to all.

The header design Process :
Step 1 :
Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Achievements :

Our few tutorials and our blog are mentioned in popular blogs like Smashing magazine, Design.Mag, Creativenerds, 1stWebdesigner, Designrfix, DesignChair, Wpbeginner and more.

Future Task :
1. We will concentrate on tutorials and premium Quality freebies.
2. Have to study CSS.
3. May be From October – we will introduce Paid Tutorial*.
4. More Inspiration and Tutorial on Photography.

Beta version :

1. The design is still in beta version, You can suggest us any tips, we are here to listen from you.

2. We will be changing our user link feed submission more advanced to get maximum exposure to the readers.

Sponsors And Giveaway:

We are very much excited with the massive giveaway sponsored my many Quality sites/services. They have generously came forward to Host a massive giveaway Worth $9000 to readers.
Thank you all for believing in our work and blog.
We will conduct One Giveaway per day – Due to huge giveaway, and to promote and give exposure to all the products satisfactory.
Check out the Some amazing Sponsors and please go through their site.
They are all know for there quality services.

And We have more giveaway pending from 2 advertisers(95% completed).

We have Added Authors Page (Our Team)

Call for Sponsors : If you like to Sponsor us or Advertising , please contact us through form .

How to Win

The above giveaway have different rules differ from each other. But we have One Golden rule – apart from the other rules which you should follow.
1. Subscribe to our Email newsletter (free) to be eligible in massive Giveaway [ we can track the users]
2. We will pick winners who are eligible !
3. Check every giveaway rules.
4. Provide your Valid EMAIL ID [email never shown to anyone]

The Giveaway begins from Tomorrow [ August 25-08-2010 ]

Thank you all :
God , My Parents, Readers,Authors, Friends,Bloggers, Advertisers and Sponsors.

Wish us Luck and tell us what should we do here more.

Note : we didn`t add any links to the sites. we will describe each site and their product in  giveaway in detail.

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