Today`s Giveaway for AnimHuT readers from site5 webhosting. They are offering 25% discount on your webhosting purchase from
The Site5 team is based around the world; we have 47 team members on-staff. Our staff is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure your hosting is running perfectly and always there if you need help. It is a challenging role but our staff is made up of the best of the best who excel with both customer service and technology.

So where are we located? Our team is 100% remote and they work from their homes which also makes us one of the greenest hosting companies out there! And like our customers our staff is spread out around the world.

Management :
Ben Welch-Bolen is involved in the day to day operations of Site5, project management, and the long term goals of improving customer service, improving server stability, and making sure customers are happy and content.

Ben has been involved in the web hosting industry for over ten years and both run his own hosting companies and worked for some of the largest hosts in the world. Ben has been a webmaster since the age of 9 and loves to blog and build sites that help people learn about building their own websites.

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Until : September 10th.


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