We always love to give quality resources and goodies in many way. Hope everyone enjoyed our Massive giveaway last month, which run successfully  more than one month. Now we are back with another quality resources from designious.

Design Cocktail II, the bundle for creatives has launched with more resources but the same price!
We would like to announce today the release of the second Design Cocktail bundle. This new premium bundle with more quality resources for creative people than before, is worth $829 and the price remains the same, only $29. You save $800 from the start!

The amazing goodies included in this pack are offered by Designious.com , Vectorious.net , Tshirt-designs.com , Paternsshop.com , WPwizz.com and Quickpayscript.com , so you can be sure that you get only the best quality products.


This is a fantastic opportunity for designers, artists and creative’s of all types to get their hands on some really awesome resources for such a low price.

Check out this bundle of fantastic goodies on Designious.com – 29$ for 890$ Worth of Value. It’s a killer deal!

What’s inside Design Cocktail 2:
1. Giga Vector Pack 3 from Designious.com – VALUE $195.99
Giga Vector Pack

This giga pack contains an awesome collection of 531 vector elements with floral motifs, knights, armors, retro girls, angels, hearts, hands, skulls, birds, seamless patterns, crowns, wings, music elements and evil creatures, all included in Vintage Vector Packs 4,5 and 6 and in Floral Mega Pack 3. Every clip art in this giga pack is handmade and original, so you can be sure you get top quality vectors.

2. 10 Photoshop Brush Packs from Designious.com – VALUE $100

Photoshop Brush Packs

Designious has an amazing library of Photoshop Brushes for you to use in your design projects, all top notch. You’ll get the following Photoshop brushes packs: floral brushes packs 13, 14, 25 and 27; dragon brushes pack 1; griffins brushes pack 1; buildings brush pack 2; scrolls brushes pack 4; music brushes pack 1 and kanji brushes pack1.

3. Floral Abstract Vector Mega Pack 28 from Designious.com – VALUE $40
This mega pack is a great resource of 8 high quality floral vector packs ready for you to use in your projects. The mega pack includes: floral vector packs 77, 80, 81 and 82, trees vector pack 4, birds vector pack 5, Christmas vector packs 10 and 11, all with beautiful hand drawn and unique floral elements.
4. Japanese Vector Mega Pack 2 from Designious.com – VALUE $50
This awesome vector mega pack includes 10 premium vector packs of Japanese art which are hand drawn and unique. Here you will get an amazing collection of Japanese vector packs: Geishas Vector Pack 2, Samurai Vector Pack 2, Ninja Vector Pack 1, Japanese Music Vector Pack 1, Japanese Flowers Vector Pack 1, Japanese Weapons Vector Pack 1, Tradition Vector Pack 1, Kanji Vector Pack 2, Kanji Vector Pack 3 and Kanji Vector Pack 4.
5. 3 Fonts from Designious.com – VALUE $45
premium font
If you are looking to add a special touch to your designs, then these fonts are just what you need. Each of the letters are hand drawn by our artists and you can use these high-quality fonts in a variety of design projects. Here you get a great collection of 3 outstanding fonts: Graffiti, Medieval 3 and Abstract.
6. Credits for Patternshop.com – VALUE $99 pattern shop
Patternsshop is a great source for seamless repeat patterns in raster and vector format, with extended license included. You can use them for a whole range of projects like: CSS backgrounds in web design, custom fills in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, print, scrapbooking and other.
7. 1 Subscription from tshirt-designs.com – VALUE $99
Tshirt-designs is the place where you can download royalty-free t-shirt designs for your start-up clothing line or design projects. Their fabulous collection of t-shirt graphics is perfect for small, medium and even jumbo prints. You can use their graphics on t-shirts, hoodies, cd-covers, fliers, posters, you name it. The membership gives you access to all our past t-shirt designs, plus the one’s released over the course of your membership subscription.
8. 1 Hexagon Business WordPress Theme Developer License from wpwizz.com – VALUE $80
This is a modern and stylish WordPress theme, ideal for portfolios, business websites, blogs and more. It has a very fresh look, has tons of features, it’s easy to customize and it will make your visitors fall in love with your new website.
9. 3 Months Subscription to vectorious.net – 1800 Vector Images Downloads – VALUE $80vectorious-subscriptions
You get 3 months subscription to Vectorious.net, meaning 1800 vector downloads at your choice. You can download quality vector art created by world class graphic artists and use it in your design projects in unlimited runs.
10. Paypal and Moneybookers Payment Scripts for Digital Products from quickpayscript.com – VALUE $40
You will get the Quickpay Paypal and Moneybookers IPN scripts, which will allow you to sell downloadable products easy and fast. You can use these scripts for more than one product. These scripts are written in PHP and they are very secure.

I hope you wont miss this chance. as a Vectorious subscriber , I know how worth it.  Hope you enjoy as much  i do.

The offer only for 7 days starts from today.[oct25-oct31] Grab before it goes away !!

[Disclaimer: This was a sponsored review for Designious.com]

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