Use Xpert-Timer and you’ll never loose a billable minute again!

Xpert-Timer is a project time tracking and billing tool to help freelancers manage their time and charge their clients accordingly. It fits the needs of designers perfectly. But don’t forget, it’s based on Windows.
The secret to Xpert-Timer’s effectiveness is the timebar that simplifies the time-tracking a lot. It floats on the Windows desktop, and a single click or hotkey lets you access all of the program’s key functions.

The PRO Version of Xpert-Timer includes a client management, you can use as your address book as well. Organize you projects and tasks by clients, create sub-projects or link To-Dos to your projects. Xpert-Timer can be configured the way you need it.  Create your own “Favorites” List to switch between the projects easily. And if you are not at your desk, you can add the times manually afterwards and also add a comment to every single timestamp. This assures, you know exactly what’s been done and when.

All projects can be set up with an hourly rate or a flatrate to bill. The internal costs are calculated based on the hourly rate of the user. The recorded timestamps can be marked as billed at the end of the month, to assure you’ve invoiced all chargeable time to your clients. The invoice and report templates can be edited according to your corporate design.

All in all, a perfect time tracking tool for everybody who works on an hourly rate for clients, or who just wants to get a better overview of what’s been done and how much time was needed.

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