How about start this month giveaway for readers and bloggers. As we did last year thanking our readers and bloggers to place their Blog in Banner ads by commenting worthy in my blog.
we crossed 5000 comments by genuine readers ! and looks great to bring our ” Top Commentator Giveaway ” Each month from this year.

Each month the counts reset and each month the ad slot will be given to the first two commentators on that particular month.
The Steps are very simple !
1. You can go through our old post and latest articles we are updating daily.
2. Subscribe to our Blog RSS feed or Email Subscription to stay update and let you know when we update.
3. The Comments should be not fake and one line poem 😛 – you are something describing here and it should be useful to the other readers as wells newbies.
4. Spam Comments and comments for the sake of commenting will be automatically discarded.
P.s note : We KILLED 209,667 spam comments already.
We are not here to show others we have lots of comments [209,667]. Approved comments are genuine. if you find some comments lead to abuse content or misleading other users tell us. we are hear to help you !

Random post for inspiration

Read these lines with some coffee !

Benefit of Commenting here


multiple benefits for Readers and bloggers

You will get 4 way free advertisement or to be frank people know about you and your blog or your social networking profiles.
And the good results you may know if others know about your profile and blogs you RUN.
we give you the insights below :
1. First thing First -Our Blog is a “Do Follow” and when you comment in our blog, you will get back-links.
2. we enabled Twitter Id Link in our blog :
“Which will give the readers to add their Twitter username in the comment section
3. Our Blog Has ” ComLuv ” feature. so when you comment [like in the step1 ] you will get a back link to your blog and also comluv will show your latest post from your blog in the comment section.
4. Above all these three features – if you are most active commentators then your blog or site will have a banner ad in our blog each month*.

Need your Blog featured here forever*. read the following lines. 😀

Be our Guest Author

Now the above steps and your priority is changed monthly wise.
Looking very Interesting right ! and we are PR5 Blog – if you didn’t Notice. So how you can be in our Authors list. First i like you to go through this pages
1. Our Authors and Guest Authors

2. So if you Write for us – your blog link and your bio will be displayed in the bottom of the page/post and you will have a place in our blog author page.
3. (*)Yes – we do have some ” Terms &condition ” 😛 – don’t worry the rules will help to maintain this blog good and clean without any abuse.

Rules To Be followed to be WINNER

Simple – Be active in our Blog – Comment Wisely, Share our post in Social networking will help us to give you more giveaway as we did earlier.
You Know about our blog.
You are the supporters and you are fans ” keeping this blog AWESOME.
` note : 2 winners – each one will have a single 125px square banner for 30 days `
Good Luck to Everyone !


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