Christmas is coming and to take lots of photos and video we need to remove some junk files, even though we removed some Apps like others. This Windows and Mac compatible software for our readers will give ease your work and get ready to enjoy the holiday festival. PhoneClean is a premium software worth $60. And you can get it free. Read more from the article below.

Phone Clean Giveaway

iOS Users Giveaway from PhoneClean

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Want to easily spare some storage space for more entertainment files on your iOS devices, boost up a slow iPhone iPad with just a few clicks and prevent privacy leaks.
Reclaiming More Space

Junk files pile up on iOS devices unconscious, including hidden temp, cookies, and caches, which would eat up a considerable space as time goes by. More than 20 analyzing technologies enable PhoneClean to remove 30+ types of junk files. The thorough scan-and-clean amazingly gives as much as 60% storage space back to you. That’s quite a great deal of space for several practical apps, for hundreds of cherished photos and favorite music or it is enough for the upgrade of the newest iOS.

Speeding Up Your iPhone iPad
Phone Clean Giveaway

For old iPhone users, one of the most catching features would be the terrific optimization job. With just a few clicks, the one-stop tuning work will reduce a slow iPhone iPad to a much lighter load. What a surprise! iPhone 4/4s could run like new and apps are as responsive as before.

Preventing Privacy Leaks

iPhone is such a great revealer of privacy information and sensitive data, such as browsing history iMessages, contacts, and even the associated attachment files of WebMails. PhoneClean pioneers a solution for the tricky problem of divulging. The backup-and-delete method keeps all your privacy beyond others’ reach. Also, the information is in safe hands once you need them. It simply takes a restoration. More exciting features like Fix Corrupt Media Files, App Clean, App Shrink and etc. please visit to get a free copy and how to get license code:

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Get a free copy of PhoneClean now to simplify your cleanup work and don’t hesitate to win a free copy. Just write to contact[at] Good Luck! [/pwal]

Note: We are associate with this software and any means of data corrupt or loss. This is not a sponsored post.


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