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Top commentators gets free Ad slot each month

First we like to thank you all for the support and comments on my blog post. And sharing in all social networking.
We have reached above 1000 comments, so for giving something back to my loveable readers, From this month i have decided to giveaway two ad slot (125*125px) for first two commentators. Each month the counts reset and each month the ad slot will be given to the first two commentators on that particular month.-
Update: that means you have a 125px ad slot free, and its not related to BSA ad space.

Giveaway - 2 ad slot

One golden rule: please comment genuinely – the other readers know your comments are fake or true and don’t collapse your own reputation. By the way you comment, readers should love to hear your feedback!
That’s all guys!! – need sponsors for this month !! 😀
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  1. Cool! I may implement the same thing for my blog.

    Suggestion: You may wanna highlight this giveaway somewhere on your sidebar. This way, people know about it even if they miss this post.

  2. I use top commentators over at my blog too. Thought of this same promotion also. 😀 But over at my blog I use dofollow in my links. In that way I want to pass on the growth of my pages/blog to the commentators’ comments through their website links.

    I think this is going to be my next step too. :)
    .-= Shurandy Thode´s latest blog ..Quick, fancy, dirty yet useful hover menu using jQuery hoverIntent =-.

  3. Good luck with this one…..
    It’s certainly a good Idea as these spots can really cost people major bucks- so to win one, is a big bonus to anyone !
    .-= Billy´s latest blog ..It’s finally here ! =-.

  4. Hey Cool Idea. I am not sure how much I can comment on your blog but I like your concept. I might impliment the same or something like this idea to my blog too. Keep it up dude.

  5. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!
    .-= favSHARE´s latest blog ..55+ Amazing Book Covers and Paperbacks Design That Grab Your Attention! =-.

  6. That’s a nice giveaway Sri! I’m sure everyone would appreciate free promotions for their blogs :) Good luck to everyone!

  7. Woah, I wouldn’t have taken it there personally, but this is a rather good entry. Maybe you could allow me to write a guest blog to express my feelings about the other side of this subject.

  8. Oh that’s great Ganesh :) :)
    What if both the commentators are of same blog ?? 😉 Just a simple doubt 😉 😉

    [Catch you today in twitter 😉 😉 he he ]
    .-= Sunil Jain´s latest blog ..Hi everyone :) :) After long time :) :) =-.

  9. You must ad more ad slots in your blog. I can find only two.
    .-= Ramu@electronic cigarette ´s latest blog ..Electronic Cigarette – Should You Try One? =-.

  10. Sounds like a fun competition. Maybe I’ll try something similar on my blog.
    .-= Chris Thurman´s latest blog ..How to Build Web Cred as a Designer =-.

  11. Great competition. Love the blog.
    .-= Ben´s latest blog ..Beautiful Logo Showcase for Inspiration =-.

  12. Hi, your website looks so amazing. It is good to change the subscribe icons. This is not catching ones. You can download from net.

  13. Very good contest. I like to implement this on my blog. But I didn’t added the top commentator widget in my blog yet.

  14. This is such a great idea! I love when design and development blogs help each other out, and when there is collaboration like this! This is social networking at its best! Thanks!!!

  15. Brilliant idea, nice to see sites giving a little something back to their followers.

  16. Is this contest going to run each month or just the current month (march)?

  17. I’d like to join in this one, really is a cool idea for a contest 😀

  18. Great idea! and very good offer. Thank you

  19. This is really a merit for us followers, I would rather to implement this in my blog. Thanks!

  20. Wow what a great offer. Very interesting and original. I have not seen any other blogs doing this. I am game. About how many os the most each month?
    .-= seo agency´s latest blog ..

  21. Interesting way to encourage visitors to comment actively here!


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