On first day of every month we declare our Blog top commentators for the previous month, last month we had a great bash for the occasion of our blog first anniversary. !!
Many of my readers and friends asking is it worth to make a top commentator contest giving as slot for them. The simple answer is to give something back to the readers. And by this way we can know more about the pro`s and con`s in our blog, which really help us to improve in our future post.
The winners are :
1. flyer templates
2. jared thompson

Those who cant make this time, dont worry this contest live for around the year. and thanks for not spamming from your side. we have fought with 15k spam comments.
I hope your comments and feedback help us improve and giveback something worthily to the design communities.

Send your links for the 125px banner ad, so that we can add . send ASAP.
thank you.
Remember If the user win twice continually he can get a 468px*60px

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