The Top commentator Giveaway works like magic and beneficial for both the users and their blog ! and we are really happy o inform the winners of this month!
our readers showed more love on comments and respect the values of the blog. and i must thank them back they didn’t comment in sake of winning !
got some good tips from the readers, new readers/bloggers too !

Thanks for keeping this blog live and running successfully

The winners are :
(1)Thomas Craig Consulting
(2)Benjamin Rama
Screenshot of the status of top commentators @ April 1 2010[00:00]

march2010 winners for top commentators AD slot

and thanks to other next commentators who participated !
— we try our best to bring you more surprise —-

I really apologize for the Blog offline past few days ! Went to Vacation ( remote area) where no internet and mobile access- still its adventure and enjoyed.

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