Hi Viewers, This is the first inspiration post i am posting. I am always found of flyers, pamplets and posters. Here i showcase some works that inspired me and i hope that you too would love it. Enjoy the post guys. The Flyers or posters made minimal or exotic colors so that guests can get the feel/mood of the party just by looking at the design. With a good mix of type, color, and images, a party flyer will definitely help bring more people to the clubs.[Off topic]:
We hope you like the new redesign, We also got many negative feedback for the previous Re-design, our readers are not satisfied. So past 2 weeks this theme was Heavily Customized by Esaki. Added some new feature. Hope you all like it.

More Inspiration :

28 Astonishing Vexel Portraits 50 Sexy Club Party Flyers Design Inspiration Vector Artist: Natalie Sklobovskaya`s Creative works


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