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Adorable Kittens and Puppies Photography for Productivity

Adorable Kittens and Puppies Photography for Productivity

Creativity blocks occurs to designers who work hard, same thing goes to entrepreneur and freelancer. Entrepreneur’s idea, strategies helps to grow their company well and overcome work or burn out makes them change their place – as vacation in other words. Team of researchers at Hiroshima University conducted a study about productivity, Interesting results are that watching cute kittens helps the entrepreneurs to complete the task easily with creativity.

The research was seeing a pictures of baby animals (puppies and kittens), after seeing adult animals (dogs and cats) and after seeing pleasant foods (steak, sushi and pasta) – see the article for more information

So how about start a day with full productivity, some people let your pets adopted to your friends – due to working somewhere else. You cannot keep you pets in your office and as per the research, you can get productivity and creative at the some time – just by staring your cute animals. We collected 30 adorable baby kittens and puppies as inspiration. These animals really so cute you just love them to adopt, if you haven’t yet. Myself should thank my Facebook friends for sharing some great photos of this cats and dogs baby image feeds. Let us know you like kittens or puppies most in the comment section and by sharing in social network. Start your day and this month with full potential and do the work.

These photos of Kittens and puppies are copyrighted to the respective owner. Kindly ask permission before using it for any use. let it be personal work too. Featured here as an inspiration for our fans.

Adorable cute Kittens photography collections

Curiosity by Henrik Spranz (fotomat) on

Crazy and funny face by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Melts your heart by happykiddo  on

Two Face by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Two For Fun - And now the exciting begins :) by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Feeling sleepy by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

His Royal fluffiness by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

CUTE KITTEN by Wolf Ademeit (WolfAdemeit) on

 Is this Matrix? by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Weekend - sleeping mode by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Little Climber by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

First step by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

My head, my stomach, I drank too much milk :D by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Sing for me by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Tell us where to look, we are still young by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

 Eye contact by Zoran Milutinovic (ZoranPhoto) on

Two cats - II by  Mohammed  Al-Jawi   (Mohammedj) on

Cute Little Adorable Puppies Photography

 carry me by Neema Doma (ndlw) on

Om Shakthi

jack daniels by Maria Sechkareva (se4kareva_marie) on
jack daniels by Maria Sechkareva

Curious Puppy by Julie Clegg (baileyandbanjo) on

Happiness is a Warm Puppy by Danielle Hughson (manyfires) on

Nap Time by Brandon Harris (nameBrandon) on

Ezio by Daniel Gable (danielgable) on

Puppy-Love 2 by Lillian Molstad Andresen (andresen1) on

Puppy-Love 1 by Lillian Molstad Andresen (andresen1) on

Pencil Vs Camera - 65 by Ben Heine (benheine) on

I want to tell you something.... by Ivelina  Aasen (Dreamymoonlight) on

What? by david bouchat (davidbouchat) on

what kinda cat are u? by Johnny Kr├╝ger (johnpull) on

Feed Me!!!! by david bouchat (davidbouchat) on

Koby by Oat Vaiyaboon (hangingpixels) on

 carry me by Neema Doma (ndlw) on
Hope you enjoyed and started your work, before kindly share this photography inspiration in pinterest and twitter. have a wonderful and adorable month.

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