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Today Facebook rolls-out single column timeline design like the Friends box will be now 3×3 instead of 2×4 – as per the source says. During Christmas 2012, popular micro-website like Tumblr released iPad version and for android fans too. The new redesign of Tumblr has added beauty to it. After it have been hacked, the security is now upgraded. Easy to share in iOS device is like 1234.

Even Mashable and TheNextWeb also redesigned, but for many users the Mashable scrolling was not so great. Might be for low-bandwidth users that might be a big concern. So every popular websites and social networking like Twitter has been upgraded or redesigned in year 2012, Now we hope Facebook also change it’s default style of themes to very enriched one.

Like everyone, we think and move on to share our articles or like popular Facebook official page and share interesting content. But Swedish Art director and designer Fred Nerby – brought it into reality. The concept of redesigned Facebook 2013 is much excited and very promising. In his behance portfolio he designed his creative ideas and how the pages of Facebook and timeline should be.

Let’s hope we get a new redesigned and at the same time we noticed in the Facebook news feed, without the knowledge of Facebook users some apps(?) started sharing “Red Facebook Theme” and it’s totally fake. Do not click the links they send you.

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Systematic Design Approach of Facebook 2013

We like to tell more about the author, who created it. I love what I do and have done so for the last 12 years working for agencies and various projects in Stockholm, Boston, New York and Brisbane. As a director, I draw upon my experience in design, concept development and team management to bring a comprehensive and creative process to all projects. My ultimate goal is to inspire both clients and team members to consistently innovate themselves and strive to engage forward thinking brands.

If you love his concepts, kindly share this and thank fred nerby for the works. You have some inspiration ideas to share with us or write Photoshop tutorials in popular blog – let us know. You can also engage yourself in our daily design dose article with credit to your site or social network for further exposure of your works or blogs you are running. for more information send us mail. Any new ideas are always accepted.


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