You don’t have to be professional to create a creative masterpiece, all you need is imagination and basics how to create your artwork. This funny inspiration was a submission from user. He created for his website promotion. We like it and thought to share with you. Even though these are funny about superheroes who become fat and ugly after consuming more junk foods has a something to tell us, We are more adopted to fast foods and that can literally affects our body and mental – creative block, less productivity and many more.

Thanks to Antonella Villani from, He like to share a simple effective animation of when you feed them an unhealthy foods – how they become more in size. You can download the wallpaper from their site if you have some fries and chips near your workstation.

Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite superhero let themselves go? Now you can find out. Feed them chips and watch them grow.

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Favorite Superheroes Under Obesity by Junk Food





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