Creatives need some vacation and spend their time other than blogging, designing. Nearly one week there was no update in our blog – Indian Festival Time and played NFS 2012 whole day. To Kick-Start our Blogging and share Inspiration – we like to start with nice heart touching graphic story timeline by ingridtan. She is a half-Chinese half-Filipino day dreamer who lives in the Philippines.

We will publish more articles today with new Business card tutorial which we printed for our blog and shared in bloggers community seminars, which held recently. You can check our previous photography inspiration published for our readers. This article may contain only one illustration, but we thought it would be good to share here. Kindly note that, this vector illustration image dimension is 504px width* 10001px Height. so it might take some time to load it. If you like this illustration – please share with your friends.
Great Illustrations

It’s a user submission and you can send us your inspiration or your own work. Hope you love this inspiration.

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