LEGO Toys are famous and addicted to many fans around the globe to create some complex architecture or re-create epic LEGO collections. How many of you watched LEGO Movie. For animators and other movie enthusiastic, artist Albert shows us making process of different task to complete a scene from the movie.

Albert shows the task he need to complete for making a realistic scene and the auditions should enjoy it. The process are:
Creating the Key Art
Two page spread ad
An individual character rendering of LEGO

Breakthrough Process of Complex Scene from LEGO Movie Video Game

Making of LEGO Movie Video Game
LEGO Collections
They are using toys for better understanding and then rendering into digital for textures. First have to create images which should have look and feel. Know more this project from the artist page.
LEGO Movie Process

LEGO Movie Process (5)

LEGO Movie Process (6)

LEGO Movie Process (1)

LEGO Movie Process (2)

LEGO Movie Process (3)

Here is the detailed sketch of making LEGO movie scene.





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