Alex Konahin a drawing artist his recent and first work portfolio was two days before and gone viral. The Fine Line graphic is made with dip pen using black ink or other materials, including his own blood.
There are some artist who go beyond our imagination, make us think a person can do this and yes his works are so fantastic – you wont believe your eyes, if i say the following works are made with just dip pen.
more about the artist: Art of A.M. Konahins (b.d.1981) is concerned with the world of science and magic. There is no border between magic and science. One can’t exist without the other like Black can’t exhist without White. In order to read black simbols, there should be white sheet. In order to see the light from the stars, there should be black night.
Magic and science are two components always coming together. Theory of relativity. Theory comes from science, relativity is magic itself, because there is no precise definition of space, dimensions or reality in magic. Optical illusion. Optics is the branch of physics, illusion is aspect of magic. Sacred geometry is a path connecting science and magic.
The Fine Line graphic of A.M. Konahins is made with dip pen using black ink or other materials, including his own blood.
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Fine Arts by A.M. Konahins

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