For today’s video inspiration, Three salon horror stories project are for social media campaign about the uncomfortable situations women undergo while waxing and portrayed them as horror movies. Many advertising companies take ads which are pathetic or have abuse content not viewable for everyone in online ads or television. The campaign is created for VEET Products.

About the project:
The goal for this project was to highlight the painful grooming habits of women and showcase how Veet can improve the experience through use of their products. And we like the way the advertising team came up with this wonderful concept. There are three different ads with their character development, animatic and frames. For more details about character processing see here.

Hi, my name is Fernanda Ribeiro, I’m graduated in Visual Design in Brazil and really passionate for children and children entertainment. With this motivation, I worked first as an animator on the TV series “FISHTRONAUT”, then created, directed and animated a pilot for my own TV series called “HERBIE and GADGETRY”. Subsequently I worked as an animator for the web series of “RECREIO”, the biggest kid’s magazine in Brazil. In 2011, I studied at the Vancouver Film School, in the Classical Animation course, where I directed two shorts: “Tim and TED” and “CUP of TEA”.

The whole concept was very fun and gave lots of room to create. With beautiful Art Direction, backgrounds and composting by Cesar and amazing animation by my dear Henrique, my role on it was to develop the Character Design, all very feminine, just the way I like it! Here I want to share a bit of the process.

Animated Short Stories about Women Waxing in Salon

All the images are copyrighted to the respective owner. Shared as inspiration only.
creepy motion graphics

creepy motion graphics

creepy motion graphics

Creepy Fun Motion Graphics about Salon Horror Stories by Veet

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