For today’s daily inspiration series and must have print an infographic in your workplace, we are featuring a motivational HD video and best typo infographic describing how to stay creative with simple more than 20 steps. Creativity block is common to all professional mind and this poster design helps us to break them up to keep our day awesome.

Like others, we keep our desktop workstation wallpaper change often and based on self-motivation also inspiring to keep our-self motivated and complete the daily task.

Inspiring video and infographics are created with the reference from paulzii(tumblr).

The following post or articles describe about from make list, get off you computer – go out, break the rules. And you should get feedback from your friends and clients. Let’s check out well-typed typography art too from this. Do submit your favorite design news submission to us and get featured.

25+ Simple Ways to Stay Creative

25+ Simple Ways to Stay Creative


How to be Creative for Daily Task

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Infographic on how to stay creative

25+ Simple Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic + Video]

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