Today’s Post Creative Advertisement for Goodyear Dunlop. Their theme is to photographically realize key, namely: strength, robustness and armor. And we inspired by the Costume design, Photography and make-up post processing.

This project done by Carl Elkins from Germany.and few words about the artist:
As an admirer of all things aesthetic I have always been drawn to design and the visual arts. My current position keeps me primarily focused on postproduction and digital art – with occasional touches of graphic design, illustration and art direction – in editorial and commercial photography.

This helps keep my portfolio fresh and experiences varied compared to what I might have achieved had I followed a more traditional path, and becomes a tremendous asset when reapplied to my passions in editorial and graphic design. In this capacity, I strive to instill an originality and freshness in my work, hopefully distinguishing it from today’s somewhat uninspired, trend-following design climate. This conscious deviation from traditional communication design further develops my ability to incorporate the refined compositional elegance of a photographer into my work.

In few words, this advertisement show a girl is being warped by their tires showing there robustness, as a armor with their strength. we thought to share here for their uniqueness and bright ideas.

Hope you inspired this one. Did you checked and tried our latest Photoshop tutorial we created yesterday.

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