Today iam going to post some of the few new texture photos from the flickr site "Weekly Inspiration- TEXTURE" from flick site,. These photos are uploaded by differnt users.and each has differnt license. all images are copyrighted to the respective owner. Reefnet Salmon Fishermen"Life is a well of joy."Eylül´eArched Brick TextureYellow Brick TextureClose Up Brick Textureuntitledroadwork plant II241/365 Magic Trickroadwork plantboat hullI

These texture photos are picked randomly by me with the tag "texture".as i mentioned before and always the images are not stock images, so visit the author page and have permission from the particular owner. so please see the user license before for every photos and so stick together for more upcoming work done by creative people. "ALWAYS SHARE THE GOOD POST WITH EVERYONE"

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