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Natalie Sklobovskaya is an aspiring illustrator, web designer and developer, currently still a student in senior year at Washington University in St. Louis. She love vectoring, painting and comic-doodling as much as She love designing and coding up websites, but in her leisure-also a pianist, writer, and fluent Russian speaker. Come say hi at her blog. Her work inspired me and sure it will give a amazing inspiration to all.

She  dig Leonardo da Vinci a lot

1. Digital and traditional illustration, especially in the fields of character design and narrative concept art & comics
2. Graphic design and branding
3. Web & user interface design
4. Web development & programming in XHTML/CSS/JS/AJAX/PHP/MySQL
5. Flash & animation (still learning, but can do if my life depended on it 😉 )

If you haven’t already stumbled upon Her articles on Design InformerJad Limcaco - owner of Design Informer . Feel like checking them out, you can find them at the links below

  1. Part I — Illustration Is Not the Same Thing As Art
  2. Part II — Good Process and Good Design
  3. Part III — Good Process and Good Design (Continued)

vector horse
vector sea shore

Vector crow
vector raven
dark raven

Natalie Sklobovskaya

Vexel art
© Natalie Sklobovskaya | Her works are for Inspiration purpose only. we got approve by the owner to show her works here.
Update: Natalie personally asked to remove 9 images from this article – those images are working in progress. We wish to feature her new works in our article – stay tuned.

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