To get your creative portfilio ready and finish your project for corporates or printing companies like digital media – should need daily inspiration, which is must. Graphic designers need inspiration for their work and avoid creativity block or boredom which can kill your blog, if you are going to start your own blog. Today we collected 5 famous designers interview excerpt for new desingers who like to be successful.

Finding inspiration and advice from other designers should always be a priority. You will be able to gain some insight as to how they think, how they became successful, some tips, and plenty of other things. So in this article we will take a look at 5 designers, what they said in previous interviews, and what we can take away from them.


Advice by Famous Designers on Finding Inspiration


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Louise Fili

Louise Fili is a designer that gives the advice to any new designers to always follow their hearts and design what they are passionate about. She advises that trying design anything that you are passionate about could ultimately lead to below average work and could ruin your reputation as a designer.

We can all learn from this because as all designers should know, our reputation is where we will get most of our work from. If we show the world that we are passionate about a certain type of design, then the world will react and offer relevant jobs. There is no point in trying to impress people with work that you didn’t take the time to perfect or just didn’t care to much about.

Emanuel Sa

This designer is currently 26 years old, Portuguese, and specializes in icon and user interface designs. One thing that he mentioned in his interview is that he uses Photoshop and recommends taking the time to fully understand all aspects and the power behind the program.
We all might use different programs to create our designs, but we sure have all heard of Photoshop. Over the years is has become the most popular design tool for designers of all types, and with good reason. The amount of options that we have are almost limitless when we use Photoshop and can create any design that our hearts desire. If you are still new to design or have somehow never tried Photoshop, you should definitely take a look and see how it can improve your work and your overall efficiency.

Randa Clay

She is a graphic designer, web designer, coder, and painter. She has turned her design career into an entrepreneurial adventure that has been able to grow her overall success to great lengths. By taking a leap of faith, she was able to start designing themes and selling them to her clients.
We can all learn from what she did because one way or another, we can all expand out design practices to better business models. In every design industry, there are ways of becoming more valuable and profitable, which is exactly what she did. While each situation and designer is going to be different, what you should take away from this is not to keep your mind closed to new adventures. You never know when an opportunity might make you rich!

Leslie David

Leslie is a French designer that has become extremely successful over the years. In her interview, she expresses about how she handles the life of being a freelancer and how she manages her time, clients, and other aspects of her career. She expressed that time management took a while for her to learn, but after she started to only accept jobs that interested her, is when the whole process was much easier.
As freelance designers, it can be pretty hard how to figure out time management skills and everything else involved. We can learn from Leslie and be a little pickier without projects because it helps us to not mind working and getting job finished. Once she started to only accept jobs that she likes, she would look forward to working, giving her a much better way to manage her time. Her client relationships were also much better and she was able to enjoy her career.

Mark Boulton

Another very successful designer, Mark is specialized in web design. He expresses that the part of his career that he loves is the challenges that he encounters with every job. The design process isn’t always easy and the harder the projects, the more he love.
While not every personality type will be able to agree with this, keeping your projects a challenge might make you enjoy your job much more. While it isn’t fun to have a project that is impossible, we can all understand taking some extra time to make a hard project perfect can give us a much bigger sense of accomplishment.

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