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New to Insecta macro photography ?. The “Macro Monday” is a theme, where we feature popular macro photographs of different subjects in our blogs. Scientific name of Insects is Insecta. Today you are going to inspire with more than hundreds of bugs from the Insecta family. You can term them in simple English like bug photography or macro photography of insects.

How macro photography achieved ? || You might be insteresting in our 75+ Retina HD macro Photography collections we did earlier.

Reproduction ratios much greater than 1:1 are considered to be photomicrography, often achieved with digital microscope. But modern technology made it possible for photographers with expensive gear like macro lens for DSLR cameras. We look far in outer space or inter-galactic though Hubble telescope and dive deep into the oceans via gadgets to discover new species in wonderland.

Macro Photography of Insect Families – Extreme Closeup

Kindly check each macro photographs for more information and EXIF data of each photography

Lets have a look into his Amazing Wonderland where small insects who rules the Land and even humans have fear of them. All these photos are optimized for Pinterest in our blog and used in our server to avoid free storage issue.

Caterpillar II Caterpillar II
Animal Animal
Wasp cleaning leg III Wasp cleaning leg III
treehopper treehopper
Fly portrait I Fly portrait I
bug_above_view bug_above_view
Jumper IV portrait Jumper IV portrait
Treehopper Treehopper
Camouflaged weevil Camouflaged weevil
White jumper spider White jumper spider
Jumper spider Jumper spider
Crab spider portrait Crab spider portrait
Lynx spider portrait Lynx spider portrait
Spider Spider
Lynx spider vs fly Lynx spider vs fly
White leafhopper White leafhopper
Salticidae portrait Salticidae portrait
Male spider portrait Male spider portrait
Winged ant Winged ant
Ant Mutualism Ant Mutualism
Ant attack Ant attack
Love Love
Lepidoptera building structure Lepidoptera building structure
Lepidoptera building structure, close view Lepidoptera building structure, close view
Inter species mating Inter species mating
Treehopper Treehopper
Mating centipede Mating centipede
Mantis portrait Mantis portrait
Mating chrysomelidae Mating chrysomelidae
Ovipositing bug Ovipositing bug
Black tortoise beetle Black tortoise beetle
Longhorn beetle portrait Longhorn beetle portrait
Mom crab spider and baby Mom crab spider and baby
Nature Nature
Red tortoise beetle cleaning antenna Red tortoise beetle cleaning antenna
Wild wasp portrait Wild wasp portrait
Insect eggs Insect eggs
White bug White bug
Wild bee Wild bee
Orange moth Orange moth
Mother wasp and eggs spring 2011 Mother wasp and eggs spring 2011
pink_moth_cover_eye pink_moth_cover_eye
Jumper spider body Jumper spider body
Crab spider vs hoverfly Crab spider vs hoverfly
Spider portrait Spider portrait
August fly lateral view August fly lateral view
Bibionidae_side view Bibionidae_side view
Robber Fly Holcocephala fusca 4 img stack Robber Fly  Holcocephala fusca 4 img stack
Treehopper Treehopper
Beetle climbing leaf Beetle climbing leaf
Beetle portrait Beetle portrait
Amblyomma Amblyomma
Ant mutualism III Ant mutualism III
Male drone hoverfly Male drone hoverfly
Ladybird larvae kill aphid Ladybird larvae kill aphid
Leafcutter ants II Leafcutter ants II
Ant mutualism IV Ant mutualism IV
Ant exchange food Ant exchange food
Love Love
Hairy moth Hairy moth
Ant nymph mutualism Ant nymph mutualism
Robber Fly Portrait Robber Fly Portrait
Red tortoise beetle Red tortoise beetle
Black bumble bee above lantana flower Black bumble bee above lantana flower
Diptera portrait Diptera portrait
fly2 fly2
Bubbling wasp Bubbling wasp
Robber Fly (Ommatius sp) with orange ant Robber Fly (Ommatius sp) with orange ant
Caterpillar II Caterpillar II
caterpillar_wide caterpillar_wide
Male lynx spider Male lynx spider
Leafhopper nynph Leafhopper nynph
Stratiomyidae portrait II Stratiomyidae portrait II
Yellow neck moth Yellow neck moth
Chrysomelidae profile Chrysomelidae profile
Moth lateral portrait Moth lateral portrait
Ant attack Ant attack
Butterfly portrait Butterfly portrait
Chrysomelidae_above_I Chrysomelidae_above_I
Male Spider Portrait Male Spider Portrait
eggs I eggs I
White moth, long DOF White moth, long DOF
Opilione II Opilione II
Opilione I img src=”” alt=”Opilione I”/>
Gold tortoise beetle Gold tortoise beetle
Protective web II Protective web II
Change Change
Tree bug nymph Tre bug ninph
Yellow beetle side view Yellow beetle side view
Yellow beetle portrait Yellow beetle portrait
Mantis fly Mantis fly
grasshopper_port grasshopper_port
Black tortoise beetle Black tortoise beetle
Hopper (s) Hopper (s)
eggs and babies eggs and babies
Crux shaped moth Crux shaped moth
Moth orange Moth orange

We are sure you are all truly inspired by his photography. If you have your own collections and like to feature here – let us know. The photographer behind this astonishing macro photos is Gustavo Mazzarollo: see his blog for detail information on his every photo project and Flickr profile.
Portrait @ field
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