The joy about being a photographer is being able to capture life in a single image.Today i show you some of the best macro shots taken by Mikhail Palinchak,apart from this he has done many photography in other fields. for more detail check his flickr account. and you can buy his print. Here I have collected a number of macro shots taken by Mikhail Palinchak that hope to inspire and remind us of the little things that can just make you feel happy. all images are copyrighted to the respective owner.

The Last One by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

The Fly by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

BEE by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Symbiosis 1 by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Symbiosis 2 by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Bee2 by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Red with black bug by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

The Fly 2 by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Nature's nets by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Dragonfly by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Bug by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

Bug 2 by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

BUG 3 by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

On the work by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

Weever by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

Moss by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

The Leaf by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

The Ladybird by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

Autumn Leaf by misu/Mikhail Palinchak

Watermelon by misu/Mikhail Palinchak.

Colors of autumn

Dandelion seeds by misu Mikhail Palinchak


Botanica by misu

The Fly4

Greeny by misu


Bee by misu

The Fly


The Snail

The Orange

The green

The Yellow

Hot autumn II

B/WRose 3


Square mandarine


In the sun

Patterns of winter

Spirit of spring


Iris by misu


Nature's geometr

Blue water drops

Spring flowers

Spring flower

Primroses by misu

The spring

Spring time


весенний пыльцоед by misu

New life

fluffy monster




The Caterpillar

Fly on leaf

Green spider


blue drops

above the abyss...


The Fly7

In flight



butterfly closeup

Rice Paper butterfly


The bee8

About: Mikhail Palinchak on flickr In spare time he administering blog about the world-famous and talented photographers Photo Slaves. The Saatchi Gallery (gallery of contemporary Art in London) invite me to display some of my photos in their gallery. Mikhail Palinchak at Saatchi Gallery

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