Now you can pin your popular or favorite animated gifs in your Pinterest Board. Pinterest allowing certainly animated gifs for pinning and re-pin. Today for sharing inspiration, we pinned various interesting images and infographics to our Pinterest account and found one among the pin among from our friend is an animated one.

That’s true, we uploaded some images and checked if it’s working or not, but for some reason the are not animating like gifs found on Tumblr.(only single frames like Facebook). The first two gifs are not working in Pinterest, but some other images are working fine!
This is an animated gif work in their site only – not in their Pinterest Board.

Working pin we found in our Pinterest Homepage:

Pinterest allowing certain Animated Gifs

Working Gifs in Pinterest Board Follow us in Pinterest Via Source

Kindly share your favorite gifs in the comment section and follow our Pinterest Gif Bard. Let us know if your Animated Gifs are working or not !.

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