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Graphic and web design blog wish you all a Happy New Year 2013. Last Year was amazing too with little bit hiccups, but your support and love with contribution to this blog is wonderful. You are all our mighty shield and we like to thank you once again.


From this year we like to add some more spice to creativity for our students and designers – “Get Inspired and Stay Creative” a daily design and photography inspiration articles will be published (Looking for contributors). If you shared your design piece or your favorite photographer or artist we will mention you with your name and your twitter handler or Facebook page you are running*.

Sharing is Knowledge and to help others with myself through the day full of productivity.

Daily Design Dose

You can search in twitter with #dailydesigndose and submit your articles as well as #submitdesign.
get inspired and stay creative

get inspired and stay creative

get inspired and stay creative

get inspired and stay creative

Via Source (you can buy these prints)

colorful moth insect




Few source are unknown and we like to get your help – if you know who’s work is these, kindly share the link in the comment section. These Images are so good, we couldn’t stop ourselves to share with you and few of them are came with direct image source. You know Past these years we always credit the artist and respect the work they made.

We like to thank you everyone once again, thanks to God, Parents and my lovely sister(author @animhut).
Share your daily designs with us. Have a wonderful year to everyone.
Thank you
Sri Ganesh.M
Editor and Founder.

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