Photographers and Photo lovers good news for all.
500px is a photographic community powered by creative people from all over the world that lets you share and discover inspiring photographs.
500px which is now mentioned as an alternative for Flickr [?] has announced their new plugin which works on Adobe photoshop Lightroom. while comparing to flickr the 500px community have photographs of talented artist than normal day to day iife photos uploaded by everyone. But Flickr has more features which 500px have to bring it!
Get the 500px Lightroom publisher for effortless publishing, portfolio management, and meta data editing.
The plugin now allows photographers to:

1. Publish photos to a public profile or a personal portfolio
2. Create and manage portfolio collections
3. Edit titles, descriptions, and other metadata and sync it with a 500px profile or portfolio
and more

download 500px Adobe photoshop lightroom plugin

inside view of 500px plugin in Lightroom

Download 500px Adobe photoshop lightroom plugin from here.
If you dont have an account on 500px,its time to have one.
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