Photography is an art and modern time photographers are inspired by the old ancient drawings, paintings. Its not that easy to be proclaim themselves as a Photographer, Even though you own a good digital camera – you must have the interest and passion for the photography.  Humans take Photographs  for memory they had – traveled, A photographer who make a art or master piece from the surroundings and creative. The way the make photography in unique way bring stand out from crowd.

Today we are mentioning the Photographer “Randy Rakhmadany” from Indonesia.

About the Photographer :

Randy Rakhmadany

Randy Rakhmadany

I begin to enter a photography world in 1999. Start with analog camera, I realize that photography can take me to another metaphysics world. A contentment that can be feel by myself, a different angle of beauty. Motivated by my lecture, Risman Marah the one who introduce me to SLR Camera, I begin to capture a moment especially a beauty of landscape and the human it self. With my first camera, Yasica fx-D, I deepen photography and found my self. Fall in love with the beauty of differences, I learn how to optimize the colors by digital creative imaging. I learn how to excrete the beauty of photo by color and dimension post processing without embody an additional object to my photo with self educated. With digital creative.

Some of his work :

Webpage: His Works
All Images are Copyrighted. Here mentioned Photographs owned by the respected owner and for Inspirational purpose only featured in AnimHuT.

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