T oday’s Post on portrait photography captured from talented photographers around the works. We are now focusing on good fresh portrait photography Where the Professional Photographer makes the background burn and the subject stands out.

Not everyone can be a Pro-photographer, but anyone who has the passion and dedication to it can become a pro in photography. It depends on the interest shown to it. If you like to be a Pro take the first step to become good photographer.<br>

What is Portrait Photography?

A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant.

Most of you now thinking about the gear and hi-edge camera, Forget that! [Ctrl+Shift+delete] from you’re your Heart. From my point of view, it not depends on the gear – you can start shooting from the Digital camera and later go ahead with DSLR or SLR when you are good with it. There are so many options to get your first Hi-tech camera with your photography. i.e.Stock photography180+ Resources sites to download Royalty Free Stock images– you can check out how many sites are paying you for the photography and there are free resource the photographer supporting it through free submission of their works.
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Here some examples of portraits taken by talented photographers.

Image source:© Nicolas Marino

Image source:© Lali Perrault

Image source: © Marc Vreenegoor

Image source:© Dmitry Ageev

Image source:© Katerina Lomonosov

Image source:© adam dobrowolski

Image source:© Ahmad Reihan

Image source:© Vladimir Katiev

Image source:© Ben Ryan

Image source:© kenp

Image source:© Bill Gekas

Image source:© Rossitsa Vassileva

Image source:© Patryk Morzonek

Image source:© Artur Saribekyan

Image source:© Hari Sulistiawan

Image source:© Dmitry Ageev

Image source: © hakkiceylan

Image source:© DeLone

Image source:© Morefire

Image source:© grafikastudios

Image source:© Graham De Lacy

Image source:© Graham De Lacy

Image source:© Valeriy Kasmasov

Image source:© Nikodem Szymanski

Hope you like this photography collection.Which portrait you like most and start shooting portraits.

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