For today’s photography inspiration in our creative blog is about a Mother who takes selfie(self-portrait photograph) of her maternity to born child – 40 weeks and a mirror what she called her shoot in one word. Even she coded her photographs as “Proyecto Pyokko”.

Sophie Starzenski photographs her lovely child for 9 month, simplified in 10 photos – which we think is awesome. She take this project not with any professional photographer. I bet many lovely mother will be inspired by her.

In a room against a mirror and shoots in side view which is artistic and creativity – this goes for every month, then boom the child born which you can see in her 10th photo. These photos are featured in many major sites like huffing post. Apart from these amazing photos we are sharing few photography tutorials for better photography photo-shoot next time.

Creative Mother Photograph her Maternity

Learn more about Sophie Starzenski: Born in Buenos Aires 1985. She learned the art of photography at the age of 18 studing with the italian photographer Aldo Bressi. She worked in analog format and made her own copies in the lab. At 19 she started attending different courses to complete her technique and decided photography was more than a hobby. She is a traveller, takes her cameras wherever she goes. She participated in expos at her hometown Buenos Aires, works freelance and collaborates with local media. Via Source
Mother Shoots her Pregnancy in 10 Photos








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