Delicious Hot Chocolate Cake Photography for World Food Day

Food photography is an art that captures the colors, textures, and shapes of different dishes. And of all the subjects in food photography, desserts are the most common and loved by everyone from children to old ages.

Facebook is a place to spend your Time or get inspiration idea from there. I am a Food & Sweet cake Lover, as well as my friends on my Facebook. They share lots of vegetation and non-vegetation photography in my timeline, one of my friend shared today it’s a “World Food Day”.

Even though many are happy to eat what they like or bake them, still there are many countries are under famine. The reason we shared this Delicious foods of cupcake, hot chocolate cakes as a inspiration for food photography lover as well as to create a awareness among others who can help the organization to stop the hunger.

Did You Know ?

Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world

Agricultural cooperatives are the focus of World Food Day 2012.

The official World Food Day theme, announced each spring by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), gives focus to World Food Day observances and raises awareness and understanding of approaches to ending hunger.


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    Photography Collections of Hot Cakes on World Food Day

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    Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Source: via Camille on Pinterest

    Hope you inspired and if you can share your fresh food with someone, do it. Do not excess food and dump them. Kindly Share this, if you enjoyed it.

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