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Daily Inspiration: Pin-Up Girls and Caricatures by Serge Birault

For daily design inspiration in our blog, we are featuring one of the famous digital artist Serge Birault works.He is a Brilliant French artist, digital illustrator and web designer. The main elements of his works are Gothic, humor, provocative and sexy pin-up girls. Hope these pin-ups are meant to be viewed as inspiration purpose only. French Artist Serge’s Pin-Ups and Caricatures Pinups are idelaized as artwork and inspiration for old fashion era, later they transformed into digital paintings to photography. all the illustrations are copyrighted to the respective artist. Via Source As per our terms for readers, we are...

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James Bennett’s Editorial Caricature and Drawings

Our Blog was updated with new features and were working on new projects, which is why we are busy and now then we updated blog. The Project we created about Database for artist and bloggers or web-developers around the world. We will let you know in our article – so follow us on twitter. James Bennett lives and works in Pennsylvania and diverse usages of stylized illustration is the mantra of James Bennett. Recognized by society of illustrators and got a RSVP scholarship student at the school of visual arts in N.Y, He is well known for his conceptually...

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Pinup and Caricature Illustration by Chris Wahl

Time for Some inspiration juice in our blog, we are featuring some Pinups and caricature illustration by Chris as portfolio submission. pin-up model, is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture the same illustration apart from pinups model photography. About the artist Chris wahl: an illustrator, caricaturist, comic artist and commercial artist with almost 20 years experience. His list of clients include Lucasfilm, Pepsi, MAD magazine and Greenpeace just to name a few. A caricature is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person, animal or object to create an easily identifiable...

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Inspiration: 2012 Fresh Caricature on Popular Celebrities

Monday Morning Inspiration for you, The week starts from monday and we should be ready to tackle the task which we will be going to finished. Have a wonderful Productive week and to add spice to that we found a caricature artist who joined the design network last month and his works in caricatures are amazing and love them! We couldn’t gathered much information on him, but will soon ask him to have an interview in our blog. [quote type=”center”] A picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain characteristics are exaggerated to create a...

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60+ Popular Caricature Works from Desi Arist : MaheshNambiar

Today’s post will be on Caricature from a desi artist : Mahesh Nambiar, His works are so great and very inspiration to us, so I made a post on this works specially for you to get more creative juice. You can find many different caricature works from his portfolio and here we are featuring only few of them. A caricature can refer to a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. In literature, a caricature is a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and...

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