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Canada Documentary Photography of First Nation Reserve

We got inspired from all our new illustrations articles and motion graphic videos of various artist around the world. Now how about a Canada documentary photography of their country first reserve village “manawan”. Benoit is known for his work well in various portfolio medium and blogs about his work in photography. Many of his work got featured in Behance network. Artist statement from his profile: I am above all else constantly experimenting with my immediate environment, both social and natural. To put it more accurately, my work focuses on questioning the limits imposed by humanity. How can one push...

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Modern Superheroes and Villains in Digital Flemish Paintings

Superheroes in modern days with Gadgets and movies on them with animated series are very advanced as well as creative. This French Digital Artist “Sacha Goldberger” worked with other 110 people for two years, to create Flemish digital paintings of Superheroes and Villains – we know them from 19th century. The Flemish Art History: It was the Ypres-born Melchior Broederlam (1350-1411) at the very beginning of the Netherlandish Renaissance who ushered in a new era in Flemish art.(Via Source). Check our previous article about “Design History” written by our authors. Digital Flemish Paintings of Superheroes and Villains All the...

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Different Goddess of Wonderland [Photography & Film Project]

Kirsty Mitchell took more than 5 years to create this storybook with no words – each image of this project tells a story and the title is “She’ll Wait for You In The Shadows of Summer”. This was funded by himself in memory of his late mother. You can see different exotic Goddess from this wonderland and each has its story. To get the extraordinary photo shoot, she pushed herself to the limit and got successful. Let’s hear from photographers behind the story and process how it was achieved. For today’s photography inspiration for our readers and a real...

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Modern Dutch Portrait Photography Inspired by Flemish Paintings

Today’s daily photography inspiration for our blog readers is about an old Dutch paintings called “Flemish Paintings” which is inspired and recreates into a modern digital portraits by fashion models. These Dutch paintings are well flourished from 15 to 17 Century up-to Napoleon Era [See Design History Series]. Even after many war – the love for old ancient paints are evergreen. Know more about these project: Sacha Goldberger is the man behind this project who creates an amazing photography of Male and Female portraits dressed in old dutch civilization fashion. The Main difference from other popular paintings is photographed...

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Time Lapse Photography Inspiration: Mother Shoots her Pregnancy in 10 Photos

For today’s photography inspiration in our creative blog is about a Mother who takes selfie(self-portrait photograph) of her maternity to born child – 40 weeks and a mirror what she called her shoot in one word. Even she coded her photographs as “Proyecto Pyokko”. Sophie Starzenski photographs her lovely child for 9 month, simplified in 10 photos – which we think is awesome. She take this project not with any professional photographer. I bet many lovely mother will be inspired by her. In a room against a mirror and shoots in side view which is artistic and creativity –...

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