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Extraordinary Photography Project: The Animal Book by Ernest Goh

For daily photography inspiration for our readers – from Singapore based Ernest Goh have a “Wonderful photography documentary” about the animals and fish. His debut photo book is from 2011 on Fish Book and later become the creative director of The Animal Book – Co for welfare groups via his amazing photography. One should have a passion on his work or even expensive gadgets won’t help a person to get success. Ernest has a passion from the nature world from his childhood and become documentary photographer. We love his work and inspired at the same time. You can see...

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Picture of the day #9 Longest Train by Canadian Pacific

Happy Monday ! Today’s picture of the day is Canadian long Train. Railway cars stretching beyond the horizon have bolstered profits for CP and CN, but they have also caught the eye of regulators and are behind many derailments. and these are some long trains taken beautifully by many photographers. via...

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Today’s Picture of the day #7 Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus seticornis)

Hooray – Weekends started and its special our first weekends of the year 2012. I have decided to make this Picture of the day post some interseting. adding some more information to the photos will give you or the younger one more knowledge . Stenorhynchus seticornis was first described by Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Herbst in 1788, under the name Cancer seticornis. It was also described as “Cancer sagittarius” by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1793, a name which is now a junior synonym of S. seticornis. And where can we find this [?] to photograph this. Sure it will be...

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Today’s Picture of the Day #6 : San Francisco amazing Street view

Good Morning ! Its Friday – Yahoooo ! First Friday of the year – enjoy it and finish your weekdays work completely to enjoy your weekend. Myself Going to near State for the weekend. Meet you on Monday – until then have a nice day !. Today’s Daily Picture of the day is something interesting ! At First when you look into this picture – you think the house is broken or there is a land slide. But The Photographer taken this photo adjusting his angle – a creative shot indeed. Now have some coffee and start your day...

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