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Print Design Inspiration: 15 Fresh Business Card Collection

For Design media or any corporate industries, a employer or a CEO needs a identity. The person may be a celebrities or a popular hot shot his/her professional business card is a great way to express their brand/corporate. we listed small roundup of business card collection for inspiration and you might be interested in our Colorful brochure designs You might be interested in “Fresh Food Business Card Inspiration“ Business card printing is an effective means to invite new clients/customers and get referrals for future business proposal. We can maximize its use by creating designs or vectors that could stand out from the rest of the old style business card,but remember to include basic information like your contact number, logo and a catchy tagline. List of Fresh Business Card Collection Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source You can send your business card design as submission or if you have a similar post like this – kindly submit in our Design NEWS section for more exposure. Kindly Share this Article via...

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The Power of Negative Spaces In Graphic Design Industries

In Graphic and Print design Industries every single aspects are Important features to be considered, for example “Negative Space”. According to the graphic designers, negative space is an essential part of the graphic designing which remains unused. In graphic design three plain components are found for making up the framework of the pieces. Negative space is also known as white space at the time of working on print designing. There are two kinds of white spaces: Active White Space and Passive White Space. Space for Creativity: It will give space for the painters to think for sometimes and have...

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Creative Product vs. Productive Product

Creative Product vs. Productive Product   Hi Visitors, one more time I strike back with another high profile article which every designer from amateur level to professional level should know about. This particular topic was discussed to me by one of my friends Uma Shankar who has been into advertising industry for more than 10 years and has bagged some prestigious awards at international level. Generally, have you noticed promotional products of very big and reputed companies or the work of highly recognized designers? They look very simple and clean just carrying the photograph of their product and a...

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Photoshop: Create a party ball style photo-manipulation

Hi readers, this is one more different tutorial from animhut regarding photo manipulation. In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a party ball style photo-manipulation. Okay now let’s go into the tutorial and hope you all enjoy it. Preparation: First of all collect 16 pictures or photographs of related subjects so that we can have a theme in it. I have collected 16 Charlie Chaplin pictures. Preview Step 1 Open an A4 size document with 300 pixels/cm resolution. Step 2 Now open one more document of size 50 px X 50 px of 72 pixels/inch resolution and transparent background. Step 3 Press Ctrl+A to select the entire area and now go to Edit->Stroke and the Stroke dialog box opens up. Choose black color in it and center in it of size 1 pixel. Then go to Edit->Define Pattern and save it as a pattern. Step 4 Now open up a new layer in the A4 size document. Go to Edit -> Fill and choose Pattern fill in that and choose the pattern that we have created now. Step 5 Now open all the 16 photos you have collected. Take the crop tool. Select 48 px X 48 px with 300 pixels/cm resolution and start cropping them in square shapes. Step 6 As you crop those images drag drop them into your A4 size document one...

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