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Quick-Tip: Create 3D Text Effect Illusion in Photoshop

Todays Post on Creating a 3D Text effect Illusion in Photoshop. These steps are very easy to create and give you a feel of 3D effects on text. We need a Bold Font, Some layer styles added to the text. Let us see how the result comes. Start the tutorial by Creating a New Document with Black background and Type your text on it. Make sure it is Big enough. You may be Interest in Other Quick tips : Final Preview : Hmm….. A Closer Look :  Step :1 Create New layer above the text layer Ctrl+N ( name it color), From...

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Best Design Round-Up: February 2011

The February month went quite well for us, except the Paypal and RBI(India) issues on Freelachers and bloggers. We came across large number of Blogs in web for bring you a Solid content on Tutorials, Inspiration, Articles and Freebies. From the post you can get a Impression – Bloggers showed their interset in Writing Articles comparing to Tutorials and Freebies. We have hand-picked some Great conent for you to bookmark. If you think we have left any content which are worthily to be mentioned here, please comment with your link. Thank you SriGanesh.M Previous Design RoundUp January 2011 Below...

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Win Photoshop Styles Massive Multi-Mega Pack worth $700

AnimHuT Team is really happy to give lots of massive giveaway from the beginning of this year. All the credits goes to our advertisers and sponsors. I know our readers will be very happy to get very useful design related goodies. Here an other giveway for you at the end of this month. We were contacted recently with an amazing offer from a relatively new design resource site called Design Panoply. They are giving away 3 copies of their massive Photoshop Styles Mega Pack Collection, which includes 120 truly top quality Photoshop styles, to three very lucky readers. That’s over $700 worth of styles! we like to thank JOHN for giveaway their massive product. Photoshop Styles Massive Multi-Mega Pack Giveaway How-To All you have to do to win is leave a comment with your name and a valid e-mail address with a message telling everyone what your favorite style is from the Design Panoply marketplace. The contest will be open for one week and the winner will be announced on our home page. While you’re waiting to see if you’re the winner of this awesome prize, check out all the vectors, textures, brushes, patterns, templates, Photoshop styles, and more at Design Panoply, or visit their blog for Photoshop and graphic design tips and tutorials. Leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed. Update: winners 1. Timothy Whalin 2. prathik...

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Create a colorful music studio website

Hi and hello to everyone. Today we are going to see how to create a music studio website. This website is really easy to create and most of the work is done by brushes and some pngs itself. Though it may be long, but still it is very easy. It took hardly 45 mins to complete this template for me. Preview Preparation Grunge brushes Floral brushes Music brushes Text brushes Polaroid pngs Record pngs Guitar pngs Step 1 Open a new document of size 800 px  X 800 px with a white background. Step 2 Now press D to make foreground and background colors default. Now load the grunge brushes and apply them on a new layer like this. Apply each brush on each layer. Step 3 Then reduce the fill of the entire brushes layer to 10% to 25% as you wish. Then you must get something like this. Step 4 Now load the music brushes and apply them here and there on the canvas. Then apply drop shadow layer style to it with its default settings. Step 5 Now make a white color rectangle like this. Step 6 Now apply black color outer glow to that rectangle with the following settings. Opacity: 30% Spread: 2 Size: 5 Blending mode: Normal Step 7 Now place a picture inside that rectangle of the same aspect ratio. But a little...

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Freebie: 10 Photoshop Actions

Hi viewers and visitors, here comes the freebie for this week. This week we are posting 10 photoshop actions which will be very useful to produce some retro/vintage effect on your photos. I hope this freebie will make you happy. Format: .atn Software: Adobe Photoshop Re-distribution is not allowed but trackbacks/pingbacks are welcomed. You can use them for personal use but not for commercial purposes. Preview Hope every one enjoyed this post. Thank you. Download it from here below BOOKMARK AND SHARE THIS...

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