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Create cute Pirate Twitter bird in Illustratorcs4

  Hey Guys! Welcome to our first Exclusive Illustrator Tutorial! Today we are delivering a FREE high quality tutorial on how to draw a Vector “Pirate Twitter Bird” using Adobe IllustratorCS4 simple techniques. In our last freebie we gave the 5 twitter bird icons.and got good response from vistors/readers. and most of the like Pirate twitter bird & many friends asked me, how to create this bird. so today i am going to write a clean and simple steps to learn how i created this Vector Twitter bird. and added the source file where you can check if you got doubts on tutorial,i think you won`t have doubt. Step:1 Open a new document in illustrator Cs4, give w=575px, H=500px, resolution=72, RGB mode. Step:2 First we need to create a Rectangle for twitter body. Select ‘M’ and click on the art board to create a rectangle with correct width and height. A dialog box appears give values,[w=430px,H=315px].hit enter. – Press ’D’ for Default color[W/B]. Now Press ‘ / ’ for disabling the Fill color & Stroke color stay black. Step:3 Click on the rectangle and choose Direct selection tool ‘A’. Now select the any anchor point [edge] of the rectangle. And now select the “convert selected anchor point to smooth” to smooth the edge of the Rectangle, From the anchor point- option bar. Now the rectangle looks like this Follow...

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Create animated ad banner in photoshop

THE SMALL TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE 125*125 BANNER ADS FOR THE WEBSITE IS VERY EASY AND SIMPLE ONE. THE BASIC THING IS TO THE USER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE SOFTWARE HANDLING, AND IN ADOBE PS ITS VERY EASY. THIS TUTORIAL IS POSTED AS PER REQUEST FROM RICKY:(blogger) LETS JUMP INTO THE TUTORIAL: STEP 1: YOU CAN USE ADOBE CS2 TO CS4 VERSION. BUT IN CASE IF U USE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP-CS2 YOU HAVE TO TOGGLE BETWEEN PHOTOSHOP CS2 AND IMAGE READY. NOW USING Ctrl+N open the new document and give the following values in the dialog box:  width 125 px, height 125 px, and resolution 72 ( for web its better use 72, for less file size. Step 2 : Here iam going to make gradient background. Take the gradient tool (G), and choose linear gradient mode, by default it will same, but in some case there may be radial mode. Use your favourite colors or similarly to your website/blog theme, it make the ad cool and attractive. And drag the tool from the top to bottom of the document size Step :3 Create a new layer Ctrl+Shift+N, hit enter. Fill it with slight black colour, by choosing or pressing (D ) and now press Alt+ backspace to fill the foreground color. Step :4 Using type tool (T), type your site name or anything you like. Just make it...

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TILT-SHIFT METHOD USING PHOTOSHOP TODAY WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TILT-SHIFT METHOD. Usually this method adopts in photography, the name “tilt-shift” is a type of lens for high digital camera and it cost high. There is another technique to get the same effects using Photoshop. -the basic stuff here is, you have to take appropriate photos to use them as a source, remember not all the photos can have this effects. It gives good result according to your chosen image. Here i have chosen this image taken by me. Mistake made by me is turn of the 8megapixel option or else i have taken a high resolution images. But for this 640*480 pixel is enough. Next time I’ll give more high resolution images. Lets jump into the tutorial. Step:1 The source image we are going to use can be downloaded from [*here].Open the image in Photoshop and duplicate the hide the original(background image).so that if any errors occurs we can rectify or if we want the source image to use on more time it comes in handy. Step:2 Now select Image – adjustments – curves. And change the graph like shown below. (Tip: change according to your source image) Step:3 Now under filter menu choose Blur – Lens Blur and give this value. After giving the values chose Rectangle marquee tool and select 7px feather, it avoid sharp...

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How to create War Poster :Psd tutorial

This is my first tutorial in photoshop, and I done this poster for my semester project. Here i am going to show you “War Movie Poster” in very simple methods. And this tutorial is for basic one.(just now finished photoshop and learning new techniques daily). Ill be posting some new tutorials soon. Step: 1 Open a Document in Photoshop(recommend Cs2 or Cs3). File->New(Ctrl+N) give the value: | . Now,select the foreground color and value: 202020, fill it(Alt+backspace). Step: 2 Create a new layer [ Ctrl+Shift+N ] here we add some backgrounds i found this Please remove the birds using clone tool(S),by pressing[Alt+ Left Mouse click] near by area and brush with soft brush. Now select Image->Adjustments->B/W [Alt+Ctrl+Shift->B] “ note: Cs2 USER use DESATURATED(Shift+CTRL+U)” and then use Lens flare [Filter->Render->Lens flare ] to the clouds,the effect will look good at final stage.{Lens flare is optional} found in cs3 or above* Lens flare: Use Brightness:100%, lens type: Movie Prime. You always play with settings/values Now Move image to top position of same layer Step:3 Create a new layer(thunder) above all,Now we are going to add some thunder bolt images. I have given edited image HERE. Just duplicate the image once and both image “Layer mode” change to “Overlay”. ” My suggestion: use layer mask to hide the unwanted parts using soft brush”Always have the practices of grouping similar images &...

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