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James Bennett’s Editorial Caricature and Drawings

Our Blog was updated with new features and were working on new projects, which is why we are busy and now then we updated blog. The Project we created about Database for artist and bloggers or web-developers around the world. We will let you know in our article – so follow us on twitter. James Bennett lives and works in Pennsylvania and diverse usages of stylized illustration is the mantra of James Bennett. Recognized by society of illustrators and got a RSVP scholarship student at the school of visual arts in N.Y, He is well known for his conceptually...

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Tribute: Barack Obama Vector Poster Designs

We like to Congrats and as token of winning election for 44th US President “Barack Obama” and collected few illustrations of him. You might have seen designer Tsevis work in many popular inspiration blog, even we featured his work in our early days of blog started. Many Designers created funny illustrations about politicians and other Hollywood stars. But many creative artist around the globe also made amazing works and we picked few designs for our readers. Let us know what do you feel about Obama’s another 4 year President. These designs are copyrighted to the respective owner and he...

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How to Create Carbon Fiber Patterns in Illustrator CS6

Patterns are merged with our daily life, some are found on our website background designs, architectures and many places. Gamers and Metal fans like carbon fiber pattern in their games like automobiles or designing their website they add to the background. Creating a pattern in illustrator is basic like Photoshop, we are going to show you how to create them in 3-5 steps in this tutorials. Web designs and Flyers are used different patterns for their work and promotion – which is a great idea to develop your business offline apart from online via Facebook, Twitter and Google plus....

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Illustrator CS6 Tutorial: Create 3D Vector Retro Badge

Creating a vector badge in Photoshop or Illustrator for beginners are popular on design community. But giving a 3D depth to the vector badge is new and can be achieved in few steps. Author can makes the tutorial as basic as simple or complicated depends on the designer who is writing. We always try to make it short and detail, so that new designers or other readers can achieve it. I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6 version(demo), Created this vector retro badge in less than 3 minutes. I hope you do it more quickly than I did, You can...

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New Creative Mascot Vector Illustration of World Celebrities

Today’s creative inspiration for our readers from a Character artist called Sakiroo Choi. He created vector illustrations of Super Star of World in school children mascot. When asked his favorite character he made, It is the Shumai & Phat Foo that I created when I was 21 and did renewal when 28 yrs and because I love Hip-hop designs. The heroes were two, one was fatty black boy and the other was lanky white boy. It is still good, unique and lovely to me even though I made it when I didn’t know much about it. He worked with...

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