Todays tutorial will be on the codex which run by TWINS
After launching My design blog, i needed to edit many things in the blog to add more extra features. Like other professional blogs, i needed author box, changing the admin comment style, Related Thumbnail, podcast extra. So where to find them all, especially in one place.
That time i came across BUILD-INTERNET site, which is very informative which run by Sam Dunn and Zach Dunn and they are twins. And started there site on dec 2008. on Twitter via @wumbus and @vivalasam or simply through our joint @ buildinternet account.
Here some favourite and very informative codex tutorials for you and for beginners they can learn new things here as i did. Apart frm this there are so many tutorials and motivation topics they are performing. Let digg into the tutorial.

1.Display Thumbnails For Related Posts in WordPress Display Thumbnails For Related Posts in WordPress In this tutorial you’ll learn how to increase pageviews by adding thumbnails to related posts using the popular YARPP plugin and WordPress custom fields.
The goal: WordPress will place a thumbnail and title for each related post it finds. This will add some bonus attention to the posts, and hopefully generate additional pageviews.
2.How to Build an Author Box in WordPress Build an Author Box in WordPress Adding an “About the Author” box to your posts is a simple upgrade to any WordPress blog. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to brand your posts in under 10 minutes.
3.Automatically Highlight Admin Comments in WordPress Automatically Highlight Admin Comments in WordPress Here the admin comments will be automatically highlighted.
4.Unique Author Comment Styles in WordPress 4.Unique Author Comment Styles in WordPress The Goal
By the end of this tutorial, we’ll have set up a comment system which automatically highlights comments according to the commenter’s role. For our example, we’re going to aim for an end result similar to the screenshot below. Comments will be highlighted based on roles of guest, author, and blog administrator.
5.How to Add an Announcement Box to Your WordPress Theme How to Add an Announcement Box to Your WordPress Theme In today’s tutorial we’ll build a similar announcement box into a custom WordPress theme. It will be controlled from the dashboard, and can be switch on/off while changing the text included without having to edit the source code.
6.Displaying Author Meta Information in WordPress 2.8
Displaying Author Meta Information in WordPress 2.8 One of the (many) nice updates the comes bundled in WordPress 2.8 is with the_author_meta() template tag. This tag allows a developer to pull and display specific parts of any user’s information within a theme. Even though variations of this have been included in previous releases, this version has simplified it to a much easier syntax.
7.How to Make Unique Front Page Teasers for WordPress Posts How to Make Unique Front Page Teasers for WordPress Posts Even though using custom excerpt tags would achieve a similar result, doing so would involve some degree of changing the template code. The goal here is to keep it simple and only make changes inside the WordPress dashboard.
8.How to Change the Default Gravatar in WordPress
How to Change the Default Gravatar in WordPress In this tutorial we’ll take a custom image and add it as the default gravatar to give your comment section a more personalized touch.
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jQuery Tutorial Links:

1. Sproing! – Make An Elastic Thumbnail Menu
2. It’s a Rainbow! – Color Changing Text and Backgrounds w/ jQuery
3. Crafting an Animated Postcard With jQuery
4. Lights Out – Dimming/Covering Background Content with jQuery
5. Quick Tip – Reading & Editing HTML Attributes in jQuery
6.Quick Tip – Resizing Images Based On Browser Window Size
7.Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery
8.How to Make a Threadless Style T-Shirt Gallery
9.How to Make a Slideshow with a Transparent PNG Frame
10. Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery
11. Make an Animated Alphabet using Keypress Events in jQuery
12. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
13. How to Make an Impressive Animated Landscape Header with jQuery
14. Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin
15. Changing Form Input Styles on Focus with jQuery
16. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery
17. Quick Tip – Blur Links With jQuery
[Link] [/pwal]
Note:Here only 25 tutorials i have written. Apart from this, they have mentioned many tutorials under different category. In this way i like to thank them back.

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