Hi friends, viewers, readers, visitors and followers. We are back again with tutorialCheck out more tutorials posts. Today, in this post we are going to see how to create a retro style dance flyer. You can make use of this flyer for creating either a dance show flyer or a dance competition flyer. Ok, now let us move into the tutorial.


Step 1

Open a new document of size A5 in portrait mode with 300 ppi. Apply a gradient color as background like this using the following values.

Step 2

Now comes the most imporatant part. Press Ctrl+R to open up the rulers. Right click on the rulers and change it into pixels. Now drag and drop guides like this. Make sure that you drag and drop guides at the same postions as shown in picture below.

Step 3

Now take rounded rectangle tool with paths option selected and draw a rounded rectangle using the four guides as borders and 120 px radius. Now press ctrl+enter and fill it with some color.

Step 4

Now create a new layer and create another rounded rectangle of radius 100 px but in this way.

Step 5

Repeat creating 3 more rounded rectangles with radius 80px, 60 px and 40 px like this.

Step 6

Now take the rounded rectangle tool and create only the path like this with 20 px radius.

Step 7

Now press ctrl+enter and make it into a selection and delete that portion in all rounded rectangle layers.

Step 8

Now delete the rounded portions in all the rounded rectangle layers like this.

Step 9

Now apply color overlay for the rounded rectangle layers in this manner.

Step 10

Now select all the rounded rectangle layers together. Press ctrl+t and rotate it 30 degrees anti-clockwise. And shrink to 80 percentages and place it in such a manner.

Step 11

Now select all these rounded rectangle layers together and press ctrl+g to group all of them. Now take a copy of this group by drag dropping this group on the create new layer icon available at the bottom of the layers palette. Once you have taken a copy of the group. Press ctrl+t with the copied group selected. Now right click and choose rotate 90 degrees clockwise option. Once it is rotated now place the copied group in this manner.

Step 12

Now download some spatter brushes, urban brushes and circle brushes and apply it here and there where ever you like. But make sure you make use of the same 5 colors that you have made use for the rounded rectangles.

Step 13

Now take a silhouette of a guy dancing and place it in a comfortable place according to the picture you have taken. I have placed it here.

Step 14

Now type the event name and details in some typography format using some nice font.

Step 15

All that comes after this are finishing touches. Open a new document with transparent background of size 4 px X 4 px. Now create two black squares each of size 2 px X 2 px in this manner and save it as a pattern by going to Edit -> Define Pattern.

Step 16

Now go back to your original document. Create a new layer on top of all layers. Press Ctrl+A to select the whole area. Go to Edit -> Fill. The fill dialog box opens up. Choose pattern in that and select the custom pattern that we have created just now. Then reduce the fill opacity to 20%. That’s all. You are done now.

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