Navigation bars are generally the opening of a website and also carries the links of that website. So, once we make them differently shaped, colorful with some eccentric sense then they really attract the clients and the end users. This tutorial is about one such navigation bar.

Step 1

Open a document of size 900 px X 300 px with 72 ppi.

Step 2

Now drag vertical guides to 50 px and 850 px. Drag another two more horizontal guides at 50 px and 250 px. Draw a rounded rectangle between these guides.

Step 3

Now press ctrl+enter and change it into a selection and fill it with “0090bf”.

Step 4

Now press ctrl+t right-click and choose wrap option in that.

Step 5

Choose bulge option from that and type -10 in the nearby bend option box.

Then you must get this kind of output.

Step 6

Now move it up such that only the bottom half of it is visible or present inside the canvas like this.

Step 7

Now give it a white stroke of size 3 px and center option using the stroke effect available in layer styles. This is how your output will be.

Step 8

Now type the links inside the navigation bar like this.


You can add more effects to this using your creativity to produce better results.

One more result.

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